Walking (Beginners)

If you haven’t been very active and are new to exercise, increasing the amount of walking you do is a great start. Regular walking can give you great benefits such as more energy, improved fitness and better health. Walking, it is also one of the easiest forms of physical activity to start as you can do it at anytime and at any pace, you don’t need any special equipment and best of all it’s free!

The most important thing is to get the intensity right. Although strolling along is beneficial, brisk walking can burn similar amount of calories to jogging, protect you from heart disease and diabetes, and make everyday activities like climbing stairs easier. You know you are walking at a brisk pace when:

  • Your heart beats slightly faster
  • You feel warmer
  • You breath more deeply (but are still able to talk)

Jogging (Intermediate)

Jogging is a slower running pace at a lower intensity. At this pace your heart should beat faster, you should feel warmer, and breathe more deeply but still able to talk. If you start to get breathless and struggle to breathe, you are going to fast. As soon as this happens, slow your pace just a touch and so you should get your breath back and be able to continue. You could try a steady state jog over a set period of time or a set route. The aim of this is to maintain the same pace for the entire duration of your jog.

If you are a beginner, interval jogging is a great way to get used to jogging. This is when you jog for a set time (maybe a minute), the walk for a time (maybe thirty seconds) and then repeat. Within weeks you will be fitter.

Running (Advanced)

If you already run regularly or are thinking of starting, you can try the sessions below to improve your fitness and become a better runner. These sessions help you challenging yourself and keep your programme varied and interesting.

As you become accustomed to your running programme you can challenge yourself further for even better results by altering the following:

Frequency: Increase the number of running sessions you do each week

Intensity: Run a bit harder for the duration of the session.

Time: Increase the amount of time you are running for.

Type: Compliment your running programme by complimenting with additional activities; circuit training, gym, pilates, swimming, etc.

Healthy Hints

Drink before, during and after exercising to stay hydrated.

Eat at least an hour before and within an hour of finishing your activity.

Warm Up: Prepare your body & mind for exercise by easing into your run. Stretching is an excellent way to energise the body before a workout.

Cool Down: Stretching is also a great way of clearing the waste products built up in the muscles during a workout, leading to less stiffness the next day!

Take It Steady: Start at square one and progress gradually. It takes time to get fit – there’s no rush!


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